What products are available?

Availability includes: all of Shamir’s Free Form Lenses (progressive addition, single vision, computer and sport), in addition to a wide variety of single vision stock lenses (CR-39, Poly and 1.67).

How are orders placed?

Eyewear orders can be placed by Fax (215) 789-9948, Phone (215) 789-9950, Visionweb or bicycle courier pickup.

What material options do you offer?

Our material choices include: Polycarbonate, High Index 1.6 & 1.67 and Trivex.

How do you ship?

Orders are usually personally delivered by bicycle messenger, but when needed we also use standard carriers: UPS, FedEx, USPS.

Are tinted lenses available?

Our tinted lens products include Transitions 7 and Polarized lenses in (grey & brown).

Can you provide custom edging options?

Yes, our technology allows for the processing of high wrap frames, customized shapes, drilled and grooved mountings.

How quickly can you provide lenses?

We have the ability to produce and supply completed eyewear in as little as 3 hours (based on geographic location).

Do you sell frames?

No, InoTime is a lens manufacturing facility, that uses Frames provided by Eye Care Professionals, Opthamologist, Optometrists and Opticians to manufacture your Eyewear.

How large is InoTime’s Service area?

InoTime’s service area currently includes Center City and the Metropolitan Philadelphia.

Do you offer a “high-index” and “high prescription” lens

 A “high prescription” (strong), means that your lenses would be really thick and heavy with a basic lens material. If you wanted to thin them out and lighten them up some, then you would go to a high-index lens (better refraction – less thickness needed). We do sell high-index lenses. Very high power lenses (above +10 or -10) are difficult to fit. The fit of the frames (where they sit on your nose etc) makes a HUGE difference with a strong scrip. Think about having a large magnifying glass and trying to get the angle just right so you can see that small print. It’s tricky.